Rates and Policies

Please read the COVID – 19 Safety Recommendations before your arrival at the Golf Course.

18 holes

(Per Person)

9 holes

(Per Person)

Weekdays    MON -FRI
$47 $28
Weekday   Twilight*


Weekends & Holidays
$58 $35
Weekend   Twilight*



Junior Twilight*

17 years of age & under when accompanied by a paying adult



Golf Carts

$22 $15
Discount Golf Carts Members and Seniors 60+ $19 $13
Non-Golfer Golf Carts Children & Adults (per person) $15 $15
Pull Carts $8 $5
Rental   Clubs $50 $30
Locker Room $2/day



*Twilight Rates includes as many holes as you can play before sundown.
Effective Time for Twilight Rates may vary based upon the time of year.

Call the Pro Shop at 603-894-4653 ext. 1, or click TBA for “Twilight” details.

Overlooking the Highlands

Cart Path Rules and Cart Rules
Max: 2 people per cart.  

Throughout the season our cart path rules may change due to weather and turf conditions.

It is course policy to restrict motorized golf carts to “Cart Paths Only” when weather or turf conditions warrant.

This policy helps us ensure the safety of our customers and also the ability to provide the best possible playing conditions in the long term.

Cart path rules are posted each day on the sign at the entrance to the clubhouse.

Please take note of the sign or check with the Proshop Staff or our starters to find out which cart path rule is in effect on the day that you play.

The rules that we post throughout the season include:

  • Carts Paths Only
  • 90 Degree Rule (Carts may travel at a 90 degree angle from the cart path to the ball and then return along the same route to the cart path).

Disabled Golfers:  If our rule of the day is “cart paths only” and a golfer is in need of an access flag, the 90 degree rule will apply for that golfer.

Please click here for more information.

Consistent with government rulings on the ADA, we reserve the right to restrict all golf cart traffic in rare instances when excessive heat, moisture stress, new turf, other weather related or maintenance related conditions create extreme safety issues or would result in any cart traffic causing excessive turf damage. If at any time it is apparent these conditions might exist, we suggest calling ahead.

Although we make every effort each morning to set a “cart path rule of the day”, extreme weather events can give us cause to change the rule at any time overnight or during the day.

Water and Refreshments

Following the advice of the National Golf Course Owners Association, we no longer provide water coolers on the golf course.

At Scottish Highlands, we pride ourselves on our customer service and while we are concerned about our patron’s perception of our decision, we feel the health and safety of our customers is the most important issue. There has been much discussion in the golf industry about the safety of water coolers on the golf course. Bacteria is present in all things and loves to double every 20 minutes. It is not economically feasible for us to keep water on the golf course within the recommended safe temperatures.

Free Water is available from a Water & Ice Machine in the Clubhouse Hallway and at the Bar & Grill Counter. 

If you prefer, you may bring your own bottled water or non-alcoholic beverages onto the golf course.

Bottled Water is available for purchase in the Bar & Grill and from Vending Machines located on the Course at Hole #5 and  between Holes # 7 and 8.

A Beverage Cart roams the Highlands during busy times. Please check with the Proshop to verify if the beverage cart will be out when you are planning to play. Beverages (alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks) are available for purchase from the cart. Also, please keep in mind that it takes approximately 2 hours for the cart to completely circle the golf course.

All drinks purchased at the Bar & Grill may be taken out onto the golf course.

All alcohol to be consumed on the premises (in the clubhouse, on the patio or on the course) must be supplied and served by the golf course. We reserve the right to control the amount of alcohol being consumed on the premises.

NH State law prohibits any alcoholic beverages to be on the premises that have not been purchased at the licensed facility.  We DO NOT allow alcoholic beverages (and coolers) from outside sources to be brought into the clubhouse or onto the golf course. A golfers failure to adhere to policies regarding alcoholic beverages may cause the golf course to prohibit the golfer from returning in the future.


Tee Times

18 Holes

18 hole tee times may be booked up to 5 days in advance.

Please note:  We alternate starting holes (#1 and #10) on weekdays. On odd numbered weekdays, 18 hole golfers start on #1, on even numbered weekdays, 18 hole golfers start on #10. Excludes holidays.

On Weekend Days and Holidays 18 hole golfers always start on hole # 1.

9 Holes

9 hole tee times may be booked up to 5 days in advance according to the following policies:

Any day 6:00 – 7:50 am or 3:00 pm and later. Or any time 24 hours in advance if space is available.

Note: Weekday tee times in the 6:00 – 7:50 am slots and any tee time booked within 24 hours MUST be done by phone at (603)-894-4653 ex. 13. You will not be able to book these times online.

Pace of Play

For 18 holes, the pace of play is is approximately 4 hours. This is calculated based on 2 hours for the front 9 and 2 hours for the back nine.

Cancellation / Changes

  • At least 24 hours must be given to cancel or make a change to a tee time.
  • You must do this by speaking with a member of our proshop staff during Proshop “open” hours either in person or over the phone at 603-894-4653, Extension 13. (Please do not modify or cancel tee times by email or by leaving a message on any phone extension.)

Cart Policies

    • You must have a Valid Driver’s License (unexpired) to rent and operate a cart on the premises.
    • If you are riding, you must pay for a cart seat.
    • A Non-Golfer cart seat is $15 for a 9 or 18 holes ride. This applies to all non-golfing children & adults. Regular cart rates apply to all golfers.
    • Children, Teens and Adults without a Valid (unexpired) Driver’s License must NOT drive golf carts.
    • Adults are responsible for all children that accompany them on the golf course property.
    • No more than two riders are allowed per cart (this includes children & adults.)
    • If you are a single golfer (and it’s a busy day), we reserve the right to pair you with another rider who may be sharing your tee time. (This policy will be enforced based on cart availability on the day you play.) 
    • We will only allow individual cart use based on availability. This will be determined at the club’s discretion based on the amount of tee times reserved for the day.

Dress Code

Clothing: Proper golf attire is recommended in the form of a collared shirt and casual style slacks or shorts.
Denim jeans are acceptable. The following attire is considered unacceptable:

  • Cutoffs
  • Running shorts
  • Tank tops/muscle shirts
  • Tube tops/halter tops/midriffs
  • Swimsuits

Note: Non-collared shirts are acceptable attire provided there is no writing or pictures on them that would be considered obscene or offensive.

Footwear: Golf shoes (with soft spikes) or sneaker-style footwear is required. Metal spikes are unacceptable and will not be permitted on the course.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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