We currently have thirteen “9 Hole” leagues that play at Scottish Highlands. Some leagues play on weekdays starting at between 3:00 and 5:00 PM while others play on Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings starting between 6:00 & 7:00 AM. Additionally, we have one “18 Hole” Ladies’ League that plays on Thursday Mornings @ 7:30 AM.

All leagues are provided an opportunity to pay discounted rates and weekday leagues enjoy the benefit of switching starting holes almost every week.

Note: League play is on the opposite nine of our afternoon, public, 9 hole golfers who start on Hole # 10 on odd numbered days and on Hole # 1 on even numbered days.

We can provide you with information such as League Coordinator contact info, specific Days & Times of League Play and whether any leagues are currently looking for additional golfers. If you are interested in joining a league for the 2023 season contact Amanda in the Business Office at 603-894-4653, Extension 101.

League Openings for the 2024 Season

If you are looking to join a league and have some fun this season, the following leagues may have vacancies for new members to join. Please feel free to contact them directly.


No Openings


No Openings


No Openings


Campbell’s Highlanders Ladies League (18 Holes)
Start Date:  5/04/23
End Date:  09/28/23
Start Time:  7:30 AM
Contact:  Joan Wilson
Cell # 603-490-6718


No Openings


No Openings


No Openings

Note: All Leagues listed above are 9 hole leagues unless (18 Holes) is indicated after the league name.

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