Junior Clinics

2022 Junior Golf Camp Sessions
Ages 10 – 16

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Golf equipment will be available for use and to purchase.

Enrollment fee: $100.00

Bring More Save More Program

Enroll 2 students: $90.00 each
Enroll 3 students: $80.00 each

Minimum of 6 students required per camp.
Maximum of 12 students per camp.



Throughout the clinic, students will be involved in lessons on the fundamentals of every aspect of the golf game.  We will focus on safety, etiquette, rules, putting, chipping, pitch shots and full swings. Each day the students will set individual goals to challenge and develop their confidence and ability. Having taught a variety of golf clinics, I find that a more condensed program will accelerate the learning process to a greater degree. I have also noticed that juniors learn better in a group environment verses one-on-one (up to a given age). We move from one aspect of the game to another while continuing to reinforce the importance of proper fundamentals of the different strokes. This keeps the students more alert and attentive. The enthusiasm and positive reinforcement from the instructors and coaches is  very important and is an integral part of the student’s learning. Creating a challenging environment where they can succeed will increase their performance and desire to succeed.   

This is a game that can be played for a lifetime and can teach us many things.

2022 Sessions Days Time
June 21 – 23 Tues. – Thu. 9am – 11am
June 28 – 30 Tues. – Thu. 9am – 11am 

Young Golfer Clinics – Ages 5 – 9

lindsay at crayola camp

Cost: $30.00 per series

2022 Young Golfer Clinics Enrollment form

  (Each series is three, 30 minute sessions and are held on Saturday mornings.)

2022 Series Dates: 

Maximum of 9 students per series 

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Lesson Time: 9am to 9:30am (Age Group 5-9)

Our goal is to introduce children to golf at a young age and create a learning atmosphere that will be fun.

We will re-enforce etiquette and safety and develop sound set-up and swing basics to create a foundation for success. Areas of focus will be:
Grip, Posture, Alignments, Form

The golf strokes we will cover are: – Putting, Chip & Pitch Shots, Fairway Shots, Tee Shots

Golf Equipment will be available for use and to purchase

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