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Building Balance and Posture in Your Golf Swing

Start this exercise by shifting more of your weight onto the balls of your feet during your set-up. As you move through the motions of your swing (first working on a quarter length to a third length swing), focus on maintaining that pressure on the balls of your feet. Avoid shifting too much of your weight towards your toes or heels as you swing. This simple drill can help posture and swing path and, most importantly, create solid and consistent impact with the ball.

The use of balance devices that you stand on such as half foam rollers, rotation disks, and rubber air filled disks can also be helpful in practicing posture and balance. You may have seen many of these products in health clubs or used for physical therapy. They assist in working your core muscles to increase strength and stability. We offer these items for use during golf instruction sessions at the Practice Range.

~Geoff Williams