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Thank you!

Thank you for your donations to “Food for the Hungry Food Pantry”.

Thank you to all who participated in yesterday’s 22nd Annual Turkey Day. Due to the weather, we had the lowest amount of golfers in 22 years (64) and it’s safe to say they were almost as frozen as the turkeys they donated! Most of them played through all 18 holes in the wind and the snow squall! We are happy to say that although the participation was low, the volunteers from the Food for the Hungry Food Pantry at the Pleasant St. Methodist Church collected a record $1,105 in Food Store Gift Cards and Cash and 82 Turkeys (weighing a combined total of 1241.68 lbs.) Many who usually golf on this day opted to donate but passed on golfing.

Anyway you did it – we appreciate it!

A big thank you to “Fred” the turkey who has visited with us on Turkey Day for many years. Rumor has it that he “roosts” at Juniper Hills Country Club.